Sony and HTC and LG they won’t know about the phones and a leader in the exhibition MWC !

During the month of February next will be all the companies present their products to consumer in the exhibition MWC world in Barcelona, but in the phones will cover the three big companies this year, namely Sony, HTC and LG and the reasons in today’s article.

سوني و HTC و LG لن يعلنوا عن هواتف رائدة في معرض MWC !

Sony and HTC and LG they won’t know about the phones and a leader in the exhibition MWC !

Through the years, many companies think the MWC show in Barcelona in order to detect new organs, so make it the right time to market its smart phones, and exploiting the follow up information in order to get a good marketing.

But some of the companies that wasn’t a good time, and in order decided to modify the time, a company HTC, Sony as well as LG, where the combining companies a single link, which they think this time in order to detect phones the benefits of the old, compared to you do Samsung.

As HTC confirmed its absence from the events of this show, and it will detect your grandparents at the event later, you will select a date when you’re ready for it, it might be the beginning of March until the month of May, the phone is expected to know about is the HTC U12.

As for LG, they are the largest affected, always was prepared for the show in order to detect new phones, but live that you think a therapist is old from last year, and this caused him heavy losses, so I decided it is during this year that work well, and its new phone in time away from any schedule.

Knowing that they will detect a secondary device during the exhibition, according to the leaks will carry the name of LG V30 Plus, and will focus on the flagship phone with the latest technical advantages.

The Sony the same thing, maybe the maximum of what you’ll be doing during the show detects a new technical away from smart phones, to disclose its phones later in the beginning of the month of April, so expect fierce competition from these giant companies, which had previously not take the time to ask good phones.

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