Sony announces headphones supports Google Assistant is on his way to more

Sony announced on headphones new wireless, also announced its intention to bring an assistant Google the digital to all noise-canceling headphones.

It seems that Google digital Google Assistant began to conquer the various types of smart devices and the Internet of things, means that Google won’t stop by to check on Amazon and her assistant digital Alexa, it is especially superior in the field of artificial intelligence.

After Smart TVs from LG and others, andIn-Ear Headphones from JBL, anda TV the kitchen from Philips, here is the Google Assistant up to ear headphones from Sony.

But before we talk about Sony, recall that Google is adeclared day also brought her digital to Android Auto and more speakers, in addition to the announcement of “screen smart” Smart Display of four companies, namely Lenovo, LG, Sony, and JBL, which would be the first target of those screens suitable Echo Show from Amazon.

Either Sony has announced a headset ear wireless WF-SP700N which provides access to the Google Assistant, which is to the side of it, as being waterproof according to standard IPX4, also supports the feature of noise cancellation, and supports NFC technology.


Sony intends to ask Ear Headphone wireless new price 180 us$, as of next June.

That’s not all, as Sony has also announced headphones the ear of the other, such as WI-SP500 and WI-SP600N. And these fish are from the WF-SP700N the existence of a wire connecting the two speakers, and the last is completely wireless, like to hear the AirPods from the Apple TV.

And features new headsets also support active noise cancellation that allows to hear surrounding sounds without affecting the listening experience, as well as supporting resistance to the water or sweating according to the standard IPX4.

Sony intends to ask to hear my WI-SP500 and WI-SP600N at the price of 80 and 150 USD, respectively, during the spring of 2018.

Announced Sony that all In-Ear Headphones of which feature noise cancellation will get future software update brings to her assistant Google digital Google Assistant.

What do you think about the idea of supporting the Google digital in headphones ear?

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Source: Sony announces headphones supports Google Assistant is on his way to more

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