Sony announces withdrawal from the market of phones in much of the world

After that I went to glory days Sony revealed about the new plans, hopes to help in the return Department mobile phones to profitability by the beginning of the calendar year next 2020.

The first steps are to merge the Department of mobile phones with other departments such as television, cameras, and acoustics set the Sony to this step will add to the strength of its smart phones in the market and increase its attractiveness to where the phone will be Xperia 1 the first phone to benefit from the new policy.

Also I know Sony they want to reduce the operating costs of less than 50%, therefore the company decided to withdraw the calm of the markets in the Middle East, Africa, South America, Australia and Canada to focus the company on its presence in several key markets are the U.S. market and Europe in addition to Japan and Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Throughout the last few months has been trading withdrawal Sony in many countries and now comes this announcement as confirmation of that.


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