Sony appointed a new director of sector PlayStation

Sony announced announced the appointment of Jim Ryan as director of the sector of games and Allen in order starting from the first of April next.

Will be moved to the head of the current sector John Kodera to the position of executive vice president while continuing to develop the services of the games, while Ryan on the full work PlayStation.

The success of the brand been in Europe to the efforts of Ryan where he was responsible for there.

This comes to change management at a critical time for your PlayStation, which is approaching the end of its normal life routine where the sales of the PlayStation 4 overall since its launch until the beginning of the year about 92 million devices are expected to complement the number to 100 million devices this year.

Aim Sony of set Ryan in charge from the PlayStation to the growth of the sector taking into account the arrival of the product to the stage of displacement of the hand sales, users and content.

With this combination the Kodera will be responsible for the expansion of the scope of work of the network of PlayStation, which reached 90 million monthly users, content and services, Benjamin Ryan is responsible for the gaming device itself to ensure the stability of his sales on his experience of 25 years in the company.

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