Sony ask to hear their WH-1000XM3 buffer to noise in Saudi Arabia

سوني تطرح سماعتها WH-1000XM3 العازلة للضوضاء في السعودية

After the global launch during the financial period, Sony has announced the launch of headphones by the WH-1000XM3 buffer to noise in Saudi Arabia, becoming the last of the heavens in a series 1000X the author of the great potential which contain high-tech sound insulation.

And fish design semi-traditional during the big collar with the headphones cover the entire ear, it also contains within its processor noise isolation QN1 which helps to listen with high accuracy without the influence of the external environment. And mechanism of action on the existence of the double microphones of the headset you move the external audio processor which culminate in overcoming the sound of the ocean to prevent access to the user.

And can the Speaker provide clear sound and hesitantly reaches 40 kHz, and also contain a put Quick Attention Mode which allows the user to control to isolate the sound and listen to the sounds surrounding.

And Sony to hear it can work 30 hours on the card during the activation of the acoustic insulation and Bluetooth.

Speaking of which provide the fish, the WH-1000XM3 become available in all branches of the company and the Greer market, at a price of 1,599 SAR.

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