Sony bring assistant Google smart to a number of headphones our

Google is working heavily on expanding the availability of her smartphone, including the many different devices available these days such as headphones.

Earlier this year, dazzled the Google everyone share the large exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2018, where the focus was heavily on her smart voice, Google Assistant, which got several important announcements, including the announcement of Sony’s intention to update some hear its high-end to provide support for the intelligent assistant.

It seems that the material has come, having announced that the Japanese company launched its updated New antenna firmware of the headset traditional wireless Sony WH-1000XM2 headset ear wireless Sony WI-1000X, which all clients can get it and install it for free, which makes these headphones the first headphones from Sony are being updated for the Google smartphone.

It is through the fish get on the assistant of Google, they become able to rival high-end headphones such as Bose QuietComfort 35 II, with the difference is simple: the existence of a dedicated button assistant Google on the headset Bose, while requiring Headphones Sony press and hold the call button for the implementation of rules-based artificial intelligence.

Thanks to the update of the software New which brings assistant google, it has become possible for the owners of devices iOS iOS use these headphones with your Google Account, and owners can fish and receive notifications read aloud, and light and faster, with a pledge to police the arrival of the update later into three headset different is the WF-1000X and WH-CH900N and WH-H900N.


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