Sony decides to change the design of the phone is its flagship at the last moment

The new document suggests that the Japanese company may make adjustments in the design on a flagship, which is expected to learn about during MWC 2018.

Expected to reveal the Sony unveiled a new flagship phone Sony Xperia XZ2 later this month during their participation in the events of Mobile World Congress MWC 2018 to be held in Barcelona, Spain, however, this is not the most important news of the Japanese company.

It seems that the company manufacturing the devices have a fundamental change with regard to first class design her smart phone next, which might get some changes, as in a letter dated February 7, 2018 to the FCC, I asked Sony to remove the approvals of the device submitted to the Commission with the ID PY7-00718V.

According to the Japanese company, the reason for the request is to change the design, since the device which got the FCC approval has not been sold or marketed at any place, the Committee will not have any trouble in cancellation of the approval, but the date of the letter explains that there is not enough time to make any major changes in the design.

It is not yet clear what plans Sony to change it in a flagship phone killer, only that the message adds mysterious new Sony devices Next, and the contours of that mystery except by tell me press, to be held on February 26, one day after the date of detection of Samsung for its phones leading Galaxy S9, where it is expected to unveil the device leading from the lineup the Xperia.

It should be noted that Sony kept generally the same design identity of its smart years ago, including LCD screens and the edges of side thick a fingerprint reader at the side of the phone, so that the look of these designs late by far compared with the existing designs the most common.


Source: Sony decides to change the design of the phone is its flagship at the last moment.

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