Sony developed the chip for the Internet Of Things and enjoy a wide range of 60 miles

Sony Company

One of the problems of the wireless devices are range. For example, the wireless Bluetooth headsets the scope is limited which means that if out of range of the device that says to broadcast audio to the heavens, will continue to broadcast. The same can be said about the devices of the Internet of things, or what is known as an acronym in the name of the Internet Of Things, they require usually linked with the same WiFi network.

However, it seems that Sony has developed quietly new chip for the Internet Of Things and make the scope of these devices is 60 miles away. According to Sony, it has stated by saying : ” purify most of the systems of the Internet of things, information obtained by sensors of different servers in the cloud, where data is collected and processed, the results are then sent to the user devices such as smart phones or tablet devices “.

This means that instead of relying on WiFi, which may be limited scope or call the cell, the range of 60 miles will allow for Internet of Things devices communicate with each other and faster and across a larger scale. According to Sony, they are guided by examples, such as tracking your friends on the ski hill, track wildlife, identify the locations of ships, control of car, etc “.

At the moment, the limited technical of Japan, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the company is expanding this technology to other countries in the foreseeable future.


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