Sony develops imaging solutions for phones with 4 cameras or more

In order to strengthen the capacity of the camera in the smart phones, the focus of Huawei and Samsung to increase the number of cameras focused Google on enhanced algorithms of processing, but it seems that the optimal solution is to combine the two approaches, providing multiple cameras with sophisticated software, which is sought by Sony in partnership with the Lite (Light).

Company Lite, which defines itself as a leader in the field of software camera signed a partnership with Sony to develop cameras for smartphones.

While Sony as the largest suppliers of sensors for camera phones, we know that the Light made camera L16, which feature a total of 16 small lens designed body little to rival the performance of DSLR cameras.

Seeking the Sony and Lite to create a design reference combine milk export sensors from Sony for smartphones that use the 4 cameras or more.

Will Lite installed sensors the Sony in several systems, so that it fits all system as a result of aspire to smart phone manufacturers, will also be Lite for its expertise as much data as possible to configure the processing algorithms developed, for example, combine the sensor color sensor monochrome, that can enhance to capture the maximum amount of light, and therefore details more photos in low light.

The conclusion then, that the two companies together will present several options for the camera systems of manufacturers of smart phones, so that varies all the choice in the number of cameras (starting from 4 cameras), installation and function, and with appropriate software will improve the capabilities of cameras in general, to be characterized by systems from some in certain aspects; it will be the purchase of smart phones to choose the system that you see that it achieves its ambition.

Source: Digital Trends

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