Sony explains how the speed of the download games on the PS5

Provided Sony some demos for its platform next games PlayStation 5, in addition to the future of the Japanese company for the games cloud.

Dealt with Sony during a meeting of investors, some details about the PlayStation 5, the display Times download PlayStation 5 using game Spider-Man Spider-Man, explaining the ability of the device to download cities and the Rapid which.

Despite the fact that Sony will hold a press conference usual this year within the events of E3, but it is gradually revealed about the parts of the next generation of its platform for games, including its support for the mission titles strictly 8K, photos three-dimensional, the unit of SSD storage, and compatibility with versions of the games on the PlayStation 4.

It is supposed to work drive – SSD instead of hard drive – to reduce load times for games dramatically, while the PlayStation 4 Pro for about 8 seconds to determine the stage of the game Spider Man, the PS5 do the same thing in less than a second.

Demonstrated the company’s ability PS5 to better cope with the dynamic maps – which are being downloaded while the player moves through it – and it smoothly, which might cause pause for PS4 Pro when moving from one part of the map to another.

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Although the focus of Sony on the next generation of its platform for games PlayStation 5, but it says: the PS4 will drive participation and profitability in the next three years, will provide users early to the next generation of PlayStation.

Sony had previously revealed that the PS5 will use the CPU’s eight cores based on the second generation of processors Ryzen from AMD, with the contained processing unit graphics Radeon Navi supportive to trace rays, but Sony did not yet know how this technology is working on the PS5.

Discussed the company is also the future of cloud gaming in the meeting, and revealed some of their plans for the future of PlayStation Now, where you want to Sony at the moment support 1080p resolution on PlayStation Now, and improve the quality of the content you provide, and expand long-term service.

Allows its collaboration with Microsoft Corporation to improve the infrastructure of the cloud service PlayStation Now, and expand them, so that they grow faster than the former, after receiving the criticism because of the lack of content compared to the Xbox Game Pass from Microsoft.

CEO of Sony: try Sony and its relationship with the developers of the games to the external, and benefit from the latest computing technology, broadcasting, cloud, and fifth-generation 5G, in addition to excellent content and to ensure the survival of PlayStation as the best place to play.

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