Sony finally allow the playing participatory game Fortnite on the Playstation 4 with the Xbox and Switch

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Was Sony has blocked the playing of the participatory ( Crossplay ) in the game Fortnite on your Playstation 4. It is clear that this was not appreciated by lovers of the game Fortnite who play the game on many devices. This means that they were unable to get to the point where they stopped within the game, fashion, and things that they have purchased on the Playstation 4 in the other devices like Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. However, this seems to be changing now because Sony decided to finally activate the feature to play the participatory game Fortnite on your Playsttaion 4.

Remained Sony initially adamant not to let in participatory even though they received a lot of criticism from those concerned and interested with the games in general because of it. Response was Sony that the Playstation 4 is the best platform to get the best experience Fortnite.

Have reflected the company’s decision finally. The president announced the development department of Playstation at Sony, Mr. John Kodera was to find a solution to this problem. ” You’ll be the first step is the launch of this feature as an experiment for the game Fortnite, which will play a participatory on Playstation 4 and Android and iOS and Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, and Windows and Mac “.

The company received Sony a lot of criticism because of a disability to play the participatory game Fortnite. I made the same resolution for Rocket League and Minecraft though Grace both Nintendo and Microsoft. In fact, I’ve worked these companies together to promote the play the participatory game of Minecraft on home consoles.

It should be noted that Sony opened up play feature of participatory development today for the game Fortnite on the Playstation 4, while Sony work to support this fully for Game. This also opens the door to the possibility to allow also in the participatory in the other games in the future.


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