Sony fix the problem of messages that were lead to give the Playstation 4

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Frequency earlier this week that there is an error in the messages was causing disruption to the Playstation 4. Reports that talk about that product in abundance on the forums and means of social communication, which indicates that the messages consisting of a particular series of letters cause the disable devices Playsttaion 4. It is clear that this would lead to inconvenience users, but fortunately, it has confirmed that Sony now they did fix this problem.

Account confirmed Playstation Official Twitter account that the problem is fixed now. I also explained that this does not lead to sabotage a Playstation 4. That message just send the device into an endless loop, a problem that can be fixed in less than five minutes. Will put the users first, to delete the message using the application of PS Mobile on their smart phones, and move to the Safe Mode, Safe Mode, and using option, Option 5, and then operate the machine normally.

It is said that this problem was so bad that it prompted some users to reset the device to factory condition to run again. It was the smart thing to do before to fix the situation is to not open the message on the device itself. Can open the message easily using the application of PS Mobile on your smartphone. This will not allow the message amalgam sent a Playstation 4 to a vicious circle.

After the problem is fixed now, it is no longer necessary for players to take caution while opening messages, they can now open all messages on the gaming machine itself without the fear of causing disabling device.



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