Sony has announced new flagship XZ2 Premium with dual camera

Sony is not going to stop the “pipeline of smartphones” and after a few months after the announcement of the flagship XZ2 has introduced its new product – XZ2 Premium. Externally, the device repeats the XZ2, but in terms of camera, battery, screen and some characteristics of it’s different.

Despite the good quality of the matrix XZ2 (Full HD +), the novelty manufacturer has decided to use a panel with a 4K resolution and HDR support. In addition, the screen added a bit in size at 5.8-inches instead of 5.7. At the moment there is no information if the phone will constantly render the image in such resolution or “real 4K” can only be seen in the gallery (as it was on previous models).

Along with the increase of screen resolution the company did not forget to “throw” the user a few extra mAh, which will definitely come in handy. Instead 3180 mAh the new battery 3540 mAh. But hope the extra few hours of battery life, I would not. As XZ2, the phone is powered by Snapdragon 845, however, the memory now is 6 GB, and as OS is Android 8.0.

According to representatives of Sony, the most important change in the phone is the camera. The company decided to take part in the race “multi-camera” devices, equipping the new two modules for 19 and 12 MP. But the path they chose is not quite standard. Is telephoto or Chirikov the smartphone used one color and one black and white sensor. Something like we could see in Huawei devices.

This allows XZ2 Premium to take pictures ISO 51 200, and the video mode, this figure can reach 12 800. At such values, even to the mirror, the camera, the user can count on a very noisy picture, devoid of all details. But Sony claims that, thanks to a new processor AUBE, the phone is able to combine information from two modules, thereby reducing digital noise and improving the picture quality even at these ISO values.

Sounds, as always, very interesting, but it’s worth checking all of this in action. Do not forget the developers and about the portrait mode with the background blur.

Unfortunately, these opportunities will not be available in XZ2 Premium at the time of launch. Users will have to wait for software updates. And, to be honest, this situation is not new in the industry that I do not particularly like. From the companies very strange to have the key features of the flagship, for which he gave his blood.

In addition to the main camera and the front has changed — now the resolution is 13 MP. See this thread for details. The model has retained all the main advantages of younger smartphone (hardware platform, moisture protection, High-Res Audio, etc.), owning thus several interesting features. But as far as these chips will be able to attract customers to the new product, only time will tell.

The start of sales is scheduled for the summer of this year, and the cost XZ2 Premium is expected in the range of 900-1000 dollars.

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