Sony has developed a customized mini-air conditioner smaller than a smartphone

How to feel cool on a hot day? At the moment the only one to come to a cool room. Although technology companies are trying to develop a wearable device that would allow you to maintain a comfortable body temperature. Some create “smart” fabrics with warming or cooling properties, while others are developing clothes and backpacks with the fans. But then all went to the engineers of Sonywho provided individual air-conditioner smaller than a smartphone.

To create the device employees of Japanese companies organized startup Reon, in which they create wearable portable air conditioner with weight of only 85 grams.

How does portable air conditioner

The basis of the device is the Peltier element and fan. The Peltier element is, in simple terms, a device that due to the temperature difference with one side cold and the other hot. This effect is used in the air conditioner. The fan needs to cool the element and withdrawal of excess heat from the device itself.

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The gadget called Pocket Reon and it will be sold with a special t-shirt with a pocket on the back. It is not excluded and the emergence of other accessories in the future like backpacks or shirts. It is worth noting that Reon Pocket can work as cooling and heating of the body. Gagdet can raise or lower the temperature at 8-13 degrees Celsius, respectively, and the device is designed for 1.5 hours of continuous operation without recharging. A full charge takes about 2 hours.

Where to buy a portable air conditioner?

Air conditioning Reon Pocket is planned to be released in two versions. The older model will cost $ 130 and the air-conditioner can be controlled with a mobile app. The Junior model will be controlled only by hand, but it will cost a couple of tens of dollars less. The start of sales is scheduled for 2020, but so far, unfortunately, only in Japan.

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