Sony introduced Xperia Duo Ear in Moscow

For anybody not a secret that Sony goes its own way and trying to offer the consumers products, which it was not. Sometimes they get it very well. 23 may in Moscow was presented another novelty, which had already shone at MWC 2018, but is still not on sale.

As a novelty this time made Ear headphones the Sony Xperia Duo. Superficially and in the promises of the manufacturer of the accessory was interesting. We got it, but we will not release the review to not make it unfounded. Soon we will prepare a full review with experience that you can find on the pages

How was the presentation

The presentation took place on the upper floors of the hotel “Beijing” in Moscow. In a relaxed atmosphere to journalists the popular media told about the new product, and then was invited to demozone, where they were able to try the device, that is, “in the case.”

Once all demonstrations were complete, we managed to ask a few questions to the representatives of the company Sony, with the goal in detail learn about a new product.

Technical features of the Sony Xperia Duo Ear

For a story about the main technical characteristics in the beginning of the presentation came on the scene Shinichi Tanaka, head of Sony Mobile in Russia and CIS countries. He talked about the fact that, in General, are these new headphones, and as a pun called the upcoming summer season “Open Ear”, that is “open ears”, alluding to the fact that you can now listen to anything through headphones and not to lose touch with reality.

Actually, this is the main feature of Sony Xperia Duo Ear compared to other headphones and headsets. Headphones block sound and do not let it enter the ears. In some situations this is good, but sometimes much harm. For example, when crossing the street and not notice the car or when waiting at the airport for your flight, and the output is changed and has to run to him at the last moment.

But these are situations which involve risk of loss of time or health risk, and then there are situations when you just want to enjoy the surrounding sounds of the music, or talk on the phone, still hearing the wind noise in the Park or noise of the rolling waves on the beach.

Headphone design consists of three main elements. The first of these is the support ring, which helps to comfortably accommodate in-ear earphone and offers all the right elements in place. The second important part is the sound tube that goes from the bottom of the earcup and transfers the sound from the main unit. And the third part is the external unit, which gathered all the basic controls and the operation of the structure.

Thanks to its shape and the fact that the tube passes under the ear, the headphones do not interfere with the wearing of glasses, and with long hair they may not be noticeable.

For chatting and voice assistant has 4 microphone, the sound of which is processed and displayed in a single stream. Thus the purity of sound, and to control the touch panel is provided on both headphones. They let you adjust volume, control music, incoming calls and work assistant.

Control is possible also through gestures. For example, a nod is enough, and cancel the call to shake his head. Turns head switch songs.

We asked the company representatives to learn will not be any chance to turn songs, if you just look to the side when moving across the road or “automatically” accepted an incoming call, when I lower my head to look at the phone screen. The answer boiled down to the fact that while this problem exists, but there is a collection of data that is processed using machine learning, and over time, when more data will be collected, the system will begin to distinguish accidental nods and head turns from intentional.

Work headphones from the built-in battery, and is used for connection of Bluetooth 4.2, which we also learned from representatives of the company. The battery capacity is enough to work for four hours and complete the case with your battery, functioning as a PowerBank, can charge the headset three times. Thus, in total we have 16 hours of work.

Charging the case is done via the USB Type-C, and the function of fast charging allows you to charge your headphones inside it for seven minutes so that you can use them for hours.

Compatibility with Androiddevices is better, but work on tighter integration with iOS is in full swing, and as we were told by the representatives of the company in the near future, functionality will greatly expand. However now in the App Store there’s an app, and headphones that not only support the headset function, but also gestures, as well as configure audio and automatic volume control. All of this is customizable in the app.

At the end of the presentation came on the scene, the representative of Yandex and spoke about the cooperation with Sony. Among other things he noted that when buying a Sony Xperia Ear Duo users will receive a free year of listening Yandex.Music.

As for the price, it is not so low as it might seem. The cost of headphones will be 19 990 rubles, and in sale they will arrive in the near future. The choice will be available black and Golden variant of the device.

What else we learned

After talking with the company representatives we could find some interesting questions.

First, the question was asked, how they are positioning the device and whether you can call it a device for music lovers and audiophiles.

Of course, the company does not consider seriously the scenario of headphones for perfect sound and total immersion in all frequencies. Ear Xperia Duo was released more as an accessory for active people who like to feel what is happening around them and listening to music, audio books and answer the phones, not paying attention to a separate device that is necessary to remove, plug and the like.

Representatives of the company even noted that our proposed comparison with the accessories, augmented reality, only in the realm of sound, very interesting.

We also could not help but ask will there be any exclusive features for smartphones from Sony, and received assurance that this will not happen and all Android smartphones already have the same set of functions. Yet in this respect lags behind iOS, but the work to eliminate this difference is in full swing.

The last question was, is it possible to connect headphones simultaneously to multiple devices and at the same time that they automatically switched to the device from which the sound is coming.

It turned out that the ability to connect with multiple devices, but to select sources while it is necessary manually. Hopefully, that will change with time.

What is the result?

Judging by the presentation and first impression this phone is really interesting. It combines the capabilities of assistants, headphones, and full-fledged devices, which can bring to you the commands of the Navigator, reminders, notices and even information selected based on your preferences and location, but it has its disadvantages, some of which were noted almost immediately.

As mentioned earlier, to avoid excessive enthusiasm, we have decided quietly to operating experience and to tell you about it soon in the pages

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