Sony is working on the development of a new handle for games of virtual reality

سوني الواقع الافتراضي

سوني الواقع الافتراضي

Record company Sony patents for a new controller, the system for tracking the movement of the user’s hand, according to the location of VRFocus.

The patent shows the first new handle has a circular button to select it via the thumb, with the presence of a set of buttons also click the button ring. There is also a trigger on the external face of the handle which can be installed on the wrist by the bar. Supplied Sony the new headquarters of sensors able to know the compressive strength for later analysis of the interactions within the virtual environment apparent to the user.

The patent second is for a wave on a system of fact the proposal to track The movement of the hand and the fingers of the user, and those features need cameras, especially in the current generation of system of company of virtual reality.

There are no assurances or models for new, free patent and registration does not mean that the company will launch its products later, however, integrated sensors inside the handle adds another way to interact with virtual environments.

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