Sony Japan stopped production of the PS Vita next year

سوني اليابانية توقف إنتاج PS Vita العام القادم

Next to the gaming device months on all PS 4, Sony produce PC games small hands and the PS Vita, which has begun production since 2011. But according to permit my heroine Oda deputy director of the company, the production of the device will be discontinued next year 2019, i.e. after eight years of its launch.

She was my heroine Oda may occur in exhibition games, the Tokyo Game Show 2018 for the launch of the device until next year. Said Oda: “right now, we don’t have any plans around mobile device,” he added, “in Japan, we will continue the production of PlayStation Vita until 2019, after which it will launch the device.”

In spite of that the device became less popular than the past, especially the launch of the Nintendo device switch, which met with great demand, but until the moment it is confusing whether Sony has to stop the machine in Japan only or in all over the world.

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