Sony launches its application PlayJ watch the games and videos with friends

سوني تُطلق تطبيقها PlayJ لمشاهدة الألعاب والفيديو مع الأصدقاء

Sony announced a new application currently exists for users of the Android operating system and have loaded the app the name of the PlayJ, which is somewhat similar to the other Bunch with the presence of minor differences, where the main idea is watch the games and video clips with friends, play games on someone else’s computer, so they can watch together, can also watch video clips with and all this after “watch the screen from a distance”.

On the other hand, the application of PlayJ running the demo, not limited to Sony phones, where each user can Android 5.0 the latest download the app and experience, in regard to the possibility to use after downloading the app asks you to register through your account with Google or Facebook, after that you will be able to select a game and invite a friend to share your screen with him, and you will notice the appearance of a small screen a video feed where you can chat with your friend as if you’re in a call with him.

Not only the tools of the app at that, where also supports screen share any application with anyone, for example, you can open the YouTube app and share video with others and watch it together at the same time, also there is a section “app of the day” where by is the tide of proposals to improve the application or game every 24 hours.

Finally application of the PlayJ is available to download for free and full, which is currently in its pilot phase but the level pretty much, and you can also download it as an APK from here.

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