Sony launches service to share taxi in Japan

سوني تطلق خدمة لمشاركة سيارات الأجرة في اليابان

Sony today announced its entry into the free car sharing and transport, the launching application S. Ride , which provides people the possibility to get a taxi easily and similar works for providing the services of AWeber and cream, etc., but the service Sony will be limited in the Japanese capital Tokyo.

The launch of this app you need to Sony with 6 car companies to form an alliance Minna no Taxi or with a taxi for everyone. This alliance was started last year will be more than 10,000 a car service with its launch today.

The fact that the system of participation of the cars leased in Japan is a little different from the regular system in the world with AWeber, etc., so that the user of the application will be able to stop any taxi passing by the companies supporting the ride in it with ease without having to book and wait, and then will pay cash or credit card or by QR code governor digital. And the Sony they used artificial intelligence techniques to predict the congested areas to urge drivers to work.

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