Sony makes it easy to use its digital cameras as web cameras

The Japanese company Sony unveiled a new program for the Windows 10 operating system that facilitates the use of its digital cameras as web cameras.

The program is called ( Imaging Edge Webcam ), and it allows you to connect the Sony camera to your computer via the (USB) port without the need for additional hardware.

This means that you can get a significant increase in image quality compared to most conventional web cameras.

Sony says: A total of 35 of its digital cameras are compatible with the new program, including the recently announced (Alpha 7S III).

Other supported models include:

  • Alpha 9 II.
  • Alpha 9.
  • Alpha 7R IV.
  • Alpha 7R III.
  • Alpha 7R II.
  • Alpha 7S II.
  • Alpha 7S.
  • Alpha 7 III.
  • Alpha 7 II.
  • Alpha 6600.
  • Alpha 6400.
  • Alpha 6100.
  • RX100 VII.
  • RX100 VI.
  • RX0 II.
  • RX0.
  • And a ZV-1 camcorder.

The Sony support page displays a complete list of cameras, and instructions on how to set up the program can be found. Certain cameras can also be recharged via the (USB) port during use.

As with utilities from other camera manufacturers, the Sony app allows users to take advantage of high-resolution image quality and auto focus, as well as feature sets from each compatible camera.

Imaging Edge Webcam does not handle sound, so you will need to use a computer microphone or connect an external microphone.

It is noteworthy that Sony is not the only camera manufacturer that launches programs like this. Canon, Panasonic, Olympus, Fujifilm and GoPro over the past few months have launched programs that facilitate the use of their cameras as web cameras.

The trend was driven by the massive shift this year toward remote work, which at times pushed sales of webcams to an all-time high.

Changing the purpose of the existing digital camera is mutually beneficial, as the customer uses the hardware they own and gets much better picture quality than what they get from a standalone webcam.

And in case you are a Windows 10 user and have a compatible camera, Imaging Edge Webcam can be downloaded for free from the Sony website.

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