Sony may reveal the Xperia XZ3 end of next month

سوني قد تكشف عن هاتف Xperia XZ3 نهاية الشهر القادم

Sony confirmed that it will reveal new products during the IFA the end of the month of August next in the German capital Berlin, one of those products might be the phone its new flagship Xperia XZ3.

Sony has announced a special event will be on 30 next August as part of the IFA conference 2018 will be held during the disclosure of new products, and the expectation is that we’ll see the Xperia XZ3 for the first time during that conference.

According to previous leaks, the Xperia XZ3 perhaps comes equipped and the design is similar – to some extent – what we saw in phone Xperia XZ2 Premium which is disclosed during the first half of this year. Where we expect to come to a new smart phone dimensions new 19:8 and glass.

In addition, the flagship phone associated with it will be supported by a processor Snapdrago 845 along with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory storage.

Also supposed to the Xperia XZ3 with 4 cameras, two in rear and two on the front end, in addition to a battery with capacity of 3240 mAh hours. The most interesting point that the phone may work by Android P of the Fund directly, which may be disclosed during the next few weeks.

While I talked earlier reports that the Korean company already started to work on the Xperia XZ3 Premium, it is expected to be disclosed sometime in the fourth quarter of 2018 and not during the IFA conference, based on the production cycle of the company.

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