Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo turns to face the tax of the American president on the home appliance


When the stop lamp placed competition aside, the Giants of the video games of the three: Sony, and Nintendo, in addition to Microsoft they meet to address the laws of the U.S. President “Donald Trump” and the raising of taxes on imports from China.

The three companies I met with to write the document come tax which will amount to 25% on home consoles from China, noting that 96% of the consoles sold in the United States received from China.

The joint letter confirms that the home appliances which are already sold with a profit margin cheaply will increase their price more than what you’ll get out of this tax if the transfer of the manufacturing process to America or another country, and that the change of even one provider is not easy and requires tests to maintain the quality, reliability, and safety of the consumer. Resolution affect American Society significantly as the document refers, where two out of every three homes in the United States of America own a home the games.

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