Sony might reveal the PlayStation 5 in the next month

Confirmed Sony a few days ago they wouldn’t attend the E3 conference 2020 despite the fact that this is the year of the launch of the gaming device PlayStation 5, except that the company has confirmed that it will detect your device soon in a special event.

In 2013, the company launched the PlayStation 4 in February, may require Sony to repeat the same thing this year, as noted by a source separate to the launch of the PlayStation 5 will happen in the next month, and now we have someone else from the inside is considered that the detection of the device will happen at the beginning of the next month of February or in the middle of it.

Games developer David Jaffe said in his account official on Twitter that the detection device will be less than 4 weeks, which may be privy to more information than most people being a developer of games such as God of War and Twisted Metal famous.

Didn’t send Sony so far no invitations to attend a press conference of any kind. But whenever we approached the month of February, the greater the probability of the appearance of these invitations.

Source: David Jaffe

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