Sony offers PlayStation 5 with support for the accuracy of 8K at 120 frames per second

Published a new report on the internet refers to the presentation of Sony to offer PlayStation 5 which comes with support for display resolution 8K at the rate of update frames 120 frames per second through the content of the game Gran Turismo.

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In the exhibition Inter BEE 2018, which was held during the past weeks, the Sony Corporation introduced the next generation of display technology which you know”CLEDIS” or screen Crystal LED, where it reviewed the company’s efficiency of these screens through the display of content is strictly 8K, or 7680 on 4320 pixels at a rate of refresh 120 frames per second.

Has been introduced system CLEDIS on the screen size of 440 inch characteristic at an angle of view of 180 degrees, which revealed the content of Gran Turismo strictly 8K was introduced through the gaming console PlayStation, which some had predicted as the upcoming release of Sony PS5.

There are a lot of references that have been spotted over the past period, which indicates that the gaming console that featured in the show are the console games PS5 from Sony, it is reported in the statements of the CEO of the company Kazunori Yamauchi “to games GT Sport Boat come with the specs you need to the quality of the presentation of 8K, so the team working on the development of the unit PS5 to support the quality of the presentation of 8K”.

Also added” that the work on the development of this content takes 6 months to design one car”, which is a specification taken alone PS4 games Pro current, so the company is working on the development of computer games PS5 to support the quality of the presentation of 8K.

PlayStation 5- 8K -120FPS

Do you need Sony to AMD technology to support the PS5-quality 8K at 120 frames per second?

Work Sony during the financial period with the engineers of the group Radeon Technologies on the development of architecture Navi provided to support the unit games PlayStation 5 and next, to support disaster screen Radeon RX Vega 64 or GeForce GTX 1080, except that these versions of the AMD or Nvidia will not have the ability to support 4K resolution at a rate of 60 frames per second, so you definitely will not have the ability to support the warmth of the Arsat 8k at 120 frames per second.

However, AMD managed to offer a series Ryzen possible support computers, which can achieve spreading the bulk during the financial period, so it is expected that the device supports PlayStation 5 one of the versions of Zen, coupled with the disaster screen Navi custom.

Definitely will be Sony too technical for the fan input in the fillet processing unit, also is expected to offer AMD a special version of the series Zen وNavi, to support 4k content at a rate of refresh of 60 frames per second smoothly on console games PlayStation 5 the next.


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