Sony officially announced the stop Tracking Service ” My Xperia “

Xperia XZ

After Apple provide the feature ” Find My iPhone ” for iPhone, it has many other manufacturers provide similar features to users of its smart phones. In the case of Sony, it has launched a service called ” My Xperia, ” which says the same thing, but it seems that Sony has now decided to close this service.

It has been confirmed by Sony itself in the official forums of no where said the representative of the company : ” the service of My Xperia and My Xperia has been suspended starting from the Xperia XZ Premium, this is the reason that you can’t find the service in the Settings menu on your device. Alternatively, you can use the application of Google called Find My Device, for example, to remotely lock your device or wipe it “.

As the Sony, there are still users of Xperia smartphones to use the service to buy Google if they wish to same features. Moreover, it has shown Sony that the similarities between both services are almost identical, which means that the subsidiary of Google will provide them the same features and the same user experience almost.

Sad to see Sony shut down its services, we believe that this is in line with the company’s efforts in reducing its focus on specific markets, in order to use its resources wisely in order to be able to focus on other areas more important and more profitable.


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