Sony officially confirmed its plans to announce the sensor IMX686 next year

Confirmed Sony on its plans to reveal soon about a new version of the sensor IMX586 that applies soon entitled IMX686 also participated in the Sony set of the samples images were taken with the support of the sensor the new.

Sony has published a teaser on Weibo Confirm through on its plans to announce the sensor IMX686 during the coming period, only that Sony didn’t reveal any of the specifications released coming from the sensors in the teaser.

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Has reviewed Sony’s sample images taken with the support of the sensor associated with IMX686, which were photographed in different conditions of lighting, where provided audio samples an initial overview on the efficiency of the standards and this is the sensor before the alarm goes off officially, is also expected to vary the results of the audio samples when you modify the sensors to smart phones, this to by the software algorithm which will enter the sensor, which will add more improvements for sure.

It also refers to that the sample pictures posted from the Sony is not its camera, a smart phone, so I used the Sony model with a computer, as Sony didn’t share images of the highest quality, also referred explanatory text in the teaser on the company’s plans to launch the sensor during the next year, as projections indicate that this sensor will be the most popular smart phones in 2020.


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