Sony reaffirms that he will not leave the smartphone market

سوني تؤكد من جديد انها لن تترك سوق الهواتف الذكية
Sony reaffirms that he will not leave the smartphone market

Before a few years ago I wrote an article about the surprise of the decline of Sony in the smartphone market even though offered for classy and luxurious, and I was open to innovation in design, and in the capacity market.

Today it seems Sony CEO Japanese answering all of my questions and questions similar, and that the company despite all the challenges of its level in the smartphone market.

Mr. (KAZ hirai) spoke to the newspaper The Guardian , the British confirms that the company will be the current year made its first profit since a few years in the smartphone market, but more importantly, he confirmed that his company will remain a player in this market, not for production and marketing of smart phones only, but keep Sony in the communications market in general, to continue to follow the massive development in this sector closely.

Sony official confirmed that his company is also a major player in the market supply of lenses and sensors optical major companies competing in the smartphone market like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, etc., which translates to her advantage competitive extra .

Explain what came in the hadeeth of the most important person at Sony is that the company is in the smartphone market, not to compete with the big boys, but in search of a foothold in the market is the future itself .

The logic is worthy of respect.

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