Sony see it as a leader in the field of play by cloud computing

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Without a shred of doubt, will be the cloud computing arena of conflict flared between the giant technology companies in the near future; Google, Microsoft, Amazon and others, everyone wants to eat his share of the cake. Well, what about a Sony owned platform PlayStation huge success?

According to a report by Wired, which was posted earlier, and which revealed the first details of the Sony device the next generation, the “Mark Cerny” the architect of the architecture of the product seems very confident of the role of Sony in this area, where said Cerny:

We are the pioneers of the play to the cloud, and will become our vision more apparent when we approach the launch date.

Well, let’s see what you got Sony when deciding to disclose more information. Recall that Sony had previously purchased the services of Gaikai in order to play via the cloud in 2012, compared to $ 380 million.

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