Sony set the PlayStation 1 back to life

After a lapse of about 25 years to put the company Sony’s Japanese release of the first of a series of Platform Games own known as the “PlayStation”, it was decided the Japanese company on the approach of one of the fiercest competitors have a Nintendo company through the re-release of the first of the new markets.

Announced Sony today officially re-launch its famous “PlayStation 1″ in the markets under a different name a little bit which is a “PlayStation Classic” at a price of about 99 USD only and will come current device as the company did for Nintendo about the re-launch devices, the NES and SNES Classic to provide the device with a number of games pre-installed.

This time the company decided to Sony to provide the device with a number of 25 the game of the month games that have achieved great successes in the past such as Final Fantasy VII وTekken 3 وRidge Racer Type 4.

In addition to ready-made classic that you will receive they are also will reach out to you controllers in order to watch the games with friends, retrieving memories of the past, the police did not officially on the list of full games up to now but the official confirmation about the availability of my game Jumping Flash Wild Arms in addition to the three games previous list.

سوني تعيد بلاي ستيشن 1 للحياة مرة أخرى

And review the specifications of the device is the oldest of a series of platforms Sony for games we find that it is able to run classic games in an acceptable way, making the experience of using it better close to the Nintendo consoles of old that have been re-presented in the arena.

If we look back a little we find that the release date of the brand “PlayStation” is due to on December 3 1994 when advertised for the first time in Japan by Sony, and achieved the first version PS 1 sales okay, it was the first platform games in history up its sales to more than 100 million units, followed by then the second version which is “PlayStation 2”, which achieved the sales Fairy will not can any platform games so far from the plan by more than 150 million units.

If you are a fan of the retrieval of childhood memories with your friends is deemed to be a re-release of the first on 3 December a great opportunity for that, but if you’re a native of the new millennium will experience without a level Surface devices games old not linked to the hardware of your smart phone these days, and waiting for battle facing the classic version in the Arab markets.

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