Sony shut down its offices of the Department phones in the Middle East and North Africa

سوني تغلق مكاتبها لقسم الهواتف في الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا

In experience, it seems surprising and strange for everyone especially the smart phones, there have been reports on the desire of the Japanese company Sony in closing their offices and operations of the Department of smartphones in the Middle East and North Africa to Turkey soon.

Dissemination Warbler famous Ivan plus the holder of trusted on his Twitter account in which he talked about the leadership of the company to close the section of smart phones in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey in October, after 3 months almost.

It seems that the suffering of the company in this section made her think about reducing the size of the partition and its particular that their sales are very low in the region compared with the rest of the companies, therefore, its resolution will reduce operational costs significantly.

Since that News has not been confirmed officially, we don’t know about the intention of Sony and the causes behind it, except that the source of the news is reliable, always emphasizes that process.


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