Sony stop linking user accounts on the PlayStation 4 with Facebook

Sony-stop connecting devices to the PlayStation 4 with Facebook abruptly, in network communication it seeks to restore service.

سوني توقف ربط حسابات المستخدمين على بلايستيشن 4 مع فيس بوك

Stopped Sony and all of a sudden the possibility of linking user accounts on Facebook with the organs of the PlayStation 4 their own, which means that users can’t access the social network through their device and find their subscribers across the region, or even watch the games or picture games, also to be able to set a picture account Facebook as “Avatar” on their devices.

Did not explain Sony’s reason for this step, but said briefly: “sorry for any inconvenience”, as part of its announcement on its site.

The company said that all of the other advantages related to an account, PlayStation will continue on the same way, except with regard to Facebook only.

Perhaps the move comes in the shadow of the breakthroughs of Facebook’s ongoing privacy of users and share their data with third parties to sell them and use them in ads, but the biggest social media platforms don’t want to stand still in this regard, where she spoke to Kotaku its desire to sign a new contract with Sony ensures the improvement of the process of connecting its devices with their account to Facebook.

Here is a list of benefits that will cease with the step taken by Sony:

  • Won’t be able users to connect accounts to Facebook accounts with the PlayStation; and includes friends list and add them.
  • Won’t be able to import users and assign photos to their account to Facebook as a personal account of their plates, and set an alternate image in one of the following steps:
    • Go to the Settings, Account Management, Account Information, profile, then profile picture.
    • Raise the image to develop the PlayStation by phone.
    • Clicking on the main button on the right, choose Change case, then Account Settings, and then set the account picture.



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