Sony submitted a patent for a flexible include sensors

سوني تقدم براءة اختراع لشاشات مرنة تتضمن مستشعراتSony submitted a patent for a flexible include sensors

Sony submitted a patent for a flexible include sensors

Though find Samsung , Huawei, too, in launching the project of the phones of the first-folding, but the near future will be a fertile area without a doubt, this technique .

Revealed a new patent from Nick the Japanese company Sony to invent a flexible screen, and it holds a number of sensors different that will be important functions, as we will see .

A new technology from Sony

The drawings submitted as part of the patent three different sensors forming part of the flexible screen: sensor label, sensor Pressure sensor temperature.

The purpose of these sensors is to collect information about the way you use the screen, for example : not wearing the pressure sensor sensitivity of the touch screen but instead is placed in the middle of the screen so that it can be discovered when folded .

This information allows the device to adjust what is displayed accurately on any part of the screen to provide a seamless experience .

Does not yet have any additional details about the devices, which could provide Sony with this new screens, and will be phones or tablets or TV screens even .

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