Sony: the sales of the PlayStation 4 approaching 100 million

The company revealed Sony through the financial results for fiscal year 2018 that sales platform PlayStation 4 has reached 96.8 million devices, making it close to the investigation sales of up to 100 million devices during the next quarter, which constitutes a high point in the record, as indicated by the presence of 36.4 million subscribers in service, PlayStation Plus.

The company warned Japanese investors that they expect to achieve lower earnings in the next year, with the possibility of lower operating profit in the gaming field by 10 percent over the next quarter, as sales slowed of the PlayStation 4, in addition to the costs associated with the development of PlayStation 5.

It seems that the platform is PlayStation 4 about to overflow platform PlayStation Original, which achieved sales reached 102.49 million devices, while leaving the platform PlayStation 2 at the top, with sales reached more than 155 million device.

Still can Platform PlayStation 4 surpassed the Wii, and the PlayStation original, but the proposal from the platform of PlayStation 2 may be elusive, especially as it is not expected to access the product on any games Major this year, as there is no Sony – as usual – during the events of the gaming conference E3 this year.

Sold Sony 17.8 million PlayStation 4s during the last financial year, which represented a decline compared with sales that amounted to 19 million devices during the previous fiscal year 2017.

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And help Sony to move to the next house, supposed to call it PlayStation 5, PS5, but pointed out that the next generation of PlayStation PlayStation will not be ready for release in 2019.

Revealed Takashi Mochizuki Takashi Mochizuki, the reporter in the Wall Street Journal on the website Twitter; that the company told the correspondents, through sessions of questions and answers, it will not launch the platform PS5 during the next twelve months.

The company explained during its earnings report that sales revenues for fiscal year 2018 amounted to 78.14 million, an increase of one percent from the previous year, the games include the strongest sector in the company, which means that any weakness noticed in this sector may have significant repercussions for Sony, the sectors most vulnerable, such as mobile phones.

Saw the mobile sector declined in revenue by 31 percent during the year ended on March 31, 2019, the reduction is primarily attributable to lower numbers of units of the Xperia sold to half, from 13.5 million units in the previous fiscal year, to 6.5 ms millions of units over the past twelve months.

This means that Sony has shipped 1.1 million devices Xperia just in the last quarter, leading to losses higher, with the increase of operating losses in general.

The company confirmed that it plans to reduce operating expenses within the Department of mobile phone by 50 percent, with a plan to improve the Department of mobile phones to the winner within the next twelve months. This will help reduce the number of labour force in the smart phone half to achieve it.

The Japanese company has launched platforms PlayStation 4 for the first time in the month of November 2013, a great success for Sony, the platform has become home games the No. 4 best-selling at all, after platform Wii, whose sales reached 101.63 million devices.

The company said: it’s the speed of plans to stop production at its plant in Beijing, in addition to the stress that she withdrew from a number of markets, including the Middle East, Central America, and South America, with a focus on important regions in East Asia, Japan, and Europe.

And Sony to integrate a number of its electronics business in one section called “products and solutions for electronics” EP&S, certain continuing disclosure for the performance of its work in the field of mobile phones in the present time, and they plan to ship 5 million units of the Xperia this year, without expecting any quick turnaround in smart phones.

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