Sony to invest $ 250 million in the company Epic Games to promote the sport market games

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Announced Sony that it invested 250 million USD in the company Epic Games, a company that was behind the development of the game Fortnite Famous, which is also the company behind the gaming engine of the famous Unreal Engine. In an official statement, revealed the Japanese company that it now holds 1.4 percent of the company Epic Games, the lead page to build a Organization ” no more open-minded to all consumers and content creators “.

Remained Epic Games neutral in relation to technology play across the different platforms ( Cross Platform ), but analysts believe that Sony may get an advantage in the coming battle between the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. president and CEO of Sony, Mr. Kenichiro Yoshida that the technique of Epic Games keep it ” in the forefront of the development of games ” and that’s the best I can see it in the features game Fortnite.

Is the game engine Unreal Engine is also part of the gaming industry, it is considered a basic tool in many of the games that are popular on a global scale.

On the other hand, said CEO of Epic Games Mr. Tim Sweeney that the two companies contributed to the development of many of the things in the games, and share the vision for training social of the three-dimensional real-time “. Obviously, this is an indication that both companies will benefit from each other’s experience to do new things and fun for all the players.

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