Sony to reveal the first details for PlayStation 5

Detection Mark Cerny from Sony on some of the details of the next version of the platform games PlayStation 5, which is scheduled to include the second generation of chips, AMD processor Ryzen, among other features.

PlayStation 5

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Indicated several leaks during the last period to the start of the development of the new version of the gaming device from Sony, which is known with the PlayStation 5, and today in official comments from Mark Cerny one of the engineers of Sony, emphasized that the new version featuring the second generation of chips, AMD processor Ryzen eight nuclei representative of the precisely manufacture of 7 nm, and architectural Zen 2.

Also scheduled to come the unit of processing with the Realtek screen custom built Radeon Navi from AMD, that supports the technique of tracing rays to the side of the lighting technology advanced alliance article in computers allocated for the games, and unit games technology audio three-dimensional.

Also comes the new release PlayStation 5 with content support 8K, also offering the Sony gaming console with memory SSD supports reduce the load time of the games, with the advantage of rapid launch of the Games, has confirmed to Wired on this feature through the rapid launch of the game Spider-Man, where the games console reduced the time to launch the game from 15 seconds to 8 seconds.

Also scheduled to support the unity of the new games run previous versions of your gaming with the PS4, as the new version supports the pairing system with the PlayStation VR, so we will see the announcement of Sony about the launch date of the new version of the PlayStation 5.


I know of

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