Sony unveils chip for Internet of Things devices to the extent of 100 km

سوني تكشف عن رقاقة لأجهزة إنترنت الأشياء بمدى 100 كم

Without arousing any modern ex-Sony today announced the launch of its chip as CXM1501GR customized for the Internet of things to develop and to help in the transfer of data between devices within a range of up to 100 km without the need for internet or actual Wi-Fi network in the region thanks to the technique of wireless communication is low.

He says the chip after installed in any electronic devices to send and receive data within the range specified by the presence of a unit or major communications hub announced also (ELTRES LPWA) is in place and is thus able to distribute the signal to all chips within a range of 100 km.

And Sony to chip the existing centre and the main contacts that will be installed in areas that can deal with the bustle of the urban areas without any effect on the signal of the existence of many objections both because of the buildings, or directional signals.

It is worth mentioning that the chip CXM1501GR can transfer the signal firmly 920 MHz to the Communications Center ELTRES LPWA, which will contain in its network on the sensor and GPS sensor to determine where the satellite GNSS to know the time and place of data that is sent.

According to the company, this technique will help in a lot of things like places, friends from the trip wild in large areas, the tracking of yachts in a specific place, tracking the location and movement of bicycle rental services, and unmanned aircraft (drones), in addition to many other things.

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