Sony unveils the most powerful image sensor cameras smart phones

سوني تكشف عن أقوى مستشعر صور لكاميرات الهواتف الذكية

Which is no secret to any follow-up to the world of technology, Sony will put itself at the forefront of manufacturers sensor the sound and light in the cameras. And while there are some technologies from other companies, but Sony can impress everyone with the best in this area.

Has Sony about the latest technologies in the field, where it unveiled sensor IMX586 that comes much more effectively than the sensor clock, as it comes effectively of 48 pixels which is the highest number in the world for sensor the images camera phones, according to police.

The sensor is new on the appearance of the photo more clearly compared with the number of pixels, especially in the case portray the image of a distant recurrence, where they will see the degree of distortion is much lower than the previous.

Although the accuracy of the sensor, it will not affect the size a lot, so that the technique of ultra-compact pixel contained in it amounted to 0.8 microns, which means that the area of the processing of each pixel will be the smallest in the world not to affect the sensor size, although it will give the same efficiency.

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