Sony: we’ll make loading times a thing of the past with the technology of Ultra SSD


Mark Cerny the architect of the architecture for Sony’s next generation has conducted an exclusive interview with Wired in which he reviewed the first details about the Home device from the East, and that we should assume that he will get the Playstation 5, although this has not been confirmed officially until now.

Beside the emphasis on the providing technique of Ray Tracing and surround sound and risen from the second generation size of 7 nm, Sony has also confirmed that the device will use the SSD sophisticated and higher speed than is available in the market currently.

Magazine PlayStation official and by the number of the month of June got additional permit from the Sony:

Technology Ultra SSD super speed is a key fundamental in our plans for the next generation. Our vision is to make load times a thing of the past, which will allow developers to create experiences Game new and distinctive.

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