Sony will announce the Xperia new Today 24 February


Finally, I decided Sony broke the silence and officially about the date of announcement of Xperia smartphones next. We don’t have any doubt that Sony launched its smart phones in Mobile World Congress MWC 2020 to be held in Barcelona, Spain late next February.

Anyway, you say the invitation sent to the media that Sony will announce its phones new the 24th day of February, at exactly 8:30 European time and there will be live also.

We expect that Sony in this event to disclose her phone next flagship which is supposed to carry the name Xperia 5 Plus, and other phone of the category medium comprising processor Snapdragon 765. There have also been rumors about the Xperia 3 in the last month unless the latter is just another name for phone Xperia 5 Plus.

In both cases, we expect Sony to take more than one phone from the assembly lines of their own, and will make sure everything on the face of the uncertainty within a month.

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