Sony will change the name of the user on the PSN automatically if it is contrary to

سوني ستقوم بتغيير اسم المستخدم على PSN بشكل تلقائي إذا كان مخالفًا

Provided Sony a few days ago the possibility to change the user name on the PSN network after the long years of the resilience of the company to the requests of users about the possibility of providing an opportunity similar, but it will be in front of the consequences for users in some cases with change of name.

The Japanese will change the name of the user automatically in the case was contrary to public policy in determining the names, for example, when a name is selected what is the fact that he uses the term as offensive or a curse word, the company will change the name directly to name of having to force the user to change it later, and will change the name when you change it like this (TempXXXX) which means a temporary name, and X represents random numbers.

Maybe there will be no negative impact on the user which will be renamed automatically, but will the rest of the users a clean environment on the large Sony.

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