Sony will start work on the development of special phone screen editable

Confirmed a new report today on the plans of Sony to launch a premium phone screen subject to change, and that this release supports communication networks of the fifth generation.

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While the Giants of the manufacturing of the phone to develop new versions of phones collapsible, go Sony to develop the issuance of the special representative of the screen are editable.

The report notes that the publication of these new details indicate that Sony is preparing to launch this version with support of networks of the fifth generation, that includes the phone’s processor chip Snapdragon 855 with a modem X50 built to conform to the distinctive design of the company.

I have referred the report to the screen of the Samsung changeable disclosed in 2016 in a prototype, however, the projections indicate that Sony’s version will have a screen designed by LG.

Recall that some of the leaks confirmed that Samsung recently got a patent also for special a scalable and supports the extension of the screen to put the tablet full, so we expect the detection of the first version of smart phones is possible with this design in the coming period.


I know of

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