Sony Xperia 10 — another radical change

Sometimes it’s hard to explain the logic of smartphone manufacturers when they introduce something new in their devices. An example of such implementation is the aspect ratio 21:9 in the newest line of Sony Xperia. Few weeks enough to be able to tell how comfortable it is.

It is not necessary to talk about the fact that Sony is ahead of the rest, and Vice versa, blindly criticize its weaknesses. It is better to try to objectively evaluate its pros and cons.

Sometimes Sony do good to release something that is still not there, but sometimes they go too far.

In the last few years Sony every update of the lineup tries to offer something new. There will be a fingerprint scanner in the button, then it will be removed, will establish a 4K display, it will refuse it. With OLED about the same picture. This time they went even further. Now change all the name of the model line. The company has gone from the letters in the model names, except for the budget.

At this time the most powerful change was the elongated shape of the display. Looks is the most illogical, of course, you get used to it, but still not to the end. Especially, the difference starts to be felt, when after some time take up the other phone.

Sony consider that the width of the smartphone for comfortable grip should be in the region of 70 mm. to Tell where it was convenient in real life I can’t. Yes, there are two applications, they look more complete, but the screen is narrow and the size of each application is still small. The most convenient would probably be the communication by messengers and scrolling feeds of social networks. Information really will be more.

The camera takes really wide shots, but when compared with some other smartphones, e.g. iPhone X, it can be noted that the width of the frame does not change, it just gets cropped top and bottom. Examples are the proof of that.

Filmed on a Sony Xperia 10:

Shot on iPhone X:

The rest of the chamber called the maximally mixed feelings. For example, I really liked how the camera takes in bright light. The pictures are not just juicy, but also the most detailed. Subjectively, this figure even she can compete with cameras latest smartphones Huawei. If you enlarge the picture, you can see the smallest details.

The downside would be not a good camera in the dark. First and foremost, she does lack intensity, though it is f/2.0. However, the fact remains that in the dark shots are dark and a little noisy.

The originals can be downloaded at this link.

The aspect ratio default is 21:9. For video, you can configure it. In FullHD you can shoot with aspect ratio 16:9 30 fps or 60 fps. In 4K is limited to 30 frames per second, but the aspect ratio you can select between 16:9 and 21:9.

Examples of video shot with the main camera Xperia 10, you can see in the video posted at the beginning of this post.

The screen size is 6 inches with resolution FullHD+. Against the background of previous models with 4K the difference is technically there, but to really experience it. Density is enough for normal display text and content.

Since the smartphone is not a flagship, it can boast generations of top-end processors. There is modest, but it is working Snapdragon 630.

To expect crazy performance in games is not worth it. And the smartphone, to be honest, not very focused on the game. Despite the assurances by Sony that play on this screen is very comfortable, I can’t verify that. In my opinion, to play on this extended screen uncomfortable. If it were more, the aspect ratio would play into his hands. Even the plus version with a display of 6.5 inches, the process will be much nicer. Display normal Xperia 10 is very narrow for a normal game.

In this smartphone, you can feel “Zanevsky” style, retaining a small amount of RAM. Someone will be few built-in 3 GB, but for normal use this is enough. Internal memory is also only 64 GB, but, if necessary, a memory card up to 512 GB are supported. At the same time, branded tray, removed no clip saved.

Do not forget about Sony’s brand chips, like the Smart Stamina, fast charging, and the like. Pleasantly pleased with the quality of communication. The connection speed is not affected, but the stability of the voice calls were really better.

Can separately note the fingerprint scanner on the side. I is always liked. In Xperia XZ Premium, it was combined with the Power button, then disappeared altogether, and now back, but is separate. When enabled, you can just touch and smartphone rasplachivaetsya. When you turn off have to press the physical button located above. At first it confuses, then a little used to it.

In the end, I can’t say that the company is somewhere rolling and produces a strange model in order to somehow attract attention. But even if I’m wrong and this is so, it does not change the fact that currently only Sony offers some significant changes in the appearance of smartphones.

Sometimes they are thick, sometimes they are not always conveniently placed controls, but smartphones from this brand are really unique and unusual. They are always immediately evident, no matter what color they are.

View that the company will be able to offer in the future, what will be its smartphones and what its current flagship Xperia 1. Just for fun, I’ll try to borrow them a couple of weeks and make their impression.

I propose to discuss in our Telegram chat how justified for such a device price of 25,000 rubles.

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