Sony’s development of the telephone is a foldaway bed to rival said the taxi Fuld and X

Whether you like the idea or not phones bendy level in the proliferation and importance are increasing day by day and this fact is valid in the technical community, especially after the Samsung Huawei my phone is subject to bending and also increasing rumors about Apple working on a foldaway bed .

Today leaked new information in this regard, and this information is interesting for you if you follow Sony or lovers phones bendy, so that the Japanese giant Sony is already working on a foldaway bed, which will carry the name Xperia F.

This infusion comes from the convergence of Max J on the social networking site Twitter, has revealed that the convergence of a number of valuable information about the upcoming device along with the launch date also, here are share your tweeted:

Says the warrior that the initial model will come with a battery with a capacity of 3.200 mAh while the initial version that works with a processor SM7250 but the phone when launched to the markets will come with the Snapdragon processor 855, the device also comes with a screen from LG, the odd about it is that LG did not develop a phone capable of folding after although she is able to develop the screens don’t also see!

The new device will come as shopping at the end of the current year -i.e. in the month of December or the beginning of next year 2020.

Source: Max J. on Twitter

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