Soon in Dubai.. license plate and smart screen digital

Revealed the Emirate of Dubai of the United Arab Emirates announced its plan to ask the number plates of cars, and smart boards with digital fitted with GPS transmitters, which can notify the authorities automatically in case of emergencies or accidents.

The new technique, which will begin in Dubai by next month, change the number plates so you know, warning in case of theft of the car or the numpad itself, in addition to full traceability for cars and their drivers.

Did not reveal the emirate after the cost of operating the new paintings, where the competent authorities that the final cost of the project will be determined by the end of the experiments in the month of November, according to the website of the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

Dubai has big plans to integrate modern technologies in transportation, it has been the experience of the first taxi the bird out last year, also plans to open a transportation project, a high-speed “hero” Hyperloop by the year 2020, which can be through the transfer of the passengers from Dubai to Abu Dhabi (120 kilometres) in only 12 minutes.

Dubai start choosing a taxi service flying with driving

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