Soon in orbit of the Earth will be the art object Orbital Reflector

Is not IT news, but it is quite curious to cover. In addition, there is SpaceX.

So, next month the company via a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will orbit many satellites and one unusual object.

This facility will be Orbital Reflector — a sculpture, if it can be called so, in the form of obelisk with a length of 33 meters. Of course, initially it will be folded and unfold already in orbit.

The obelisk is created by the artist Trevor Paglen, over which he had labored 10 years. I think it does mean everything: the concept, and attempts to negotiate with the companies. I don’t think he directly created it all those 10 years, but not the essence.

Orbital Reflector is made of reflective material. It was created in order to be seen from earth with the naked eye. Of course, at night. The author’s idea is that, looking at the obelisk from the ground, we once again ponder our place in the Universe and what we do on the planet.

Formally, the Orbital Reflector will be the first art object or work of art launched into space. In fact, the infamous Tesla Roadster, which also can be considered an art object, and was recently “disco ball” Humanity Star, launched by the company Rocket Lab, but that the company itself reported after the fact. And if we talk about the “official” start with the official concept, the Orbital Reflector will be the first.

The obelisk will be at an altitude of 575 km orbit, it will last two or three months, and then burned in the atmosphere. How bright an object it will be in the night sky, find out after launch. By the way, some scientists have a negative attitude to the project. They claim that debris in orbit are enough. In addition, there are fears that this will set a precedent for future use of outer space for advertising purposes.

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