Soon Instagram will tell you the extent of your addiction to the


If you want to know how much time you spend in the application browsing Instagram, you may be able to soon find out that, as chooses the photo app owned by Facebook new feature known as the “usage statistics” which will give users the time they spend in the app.

According to the “Daily Mail” the British, discovered the Manche Wong student in Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, this feature is in code hidden in the app via the Android system, and it is not clear whether it will be divided by a particular metric, such as the time it takes in day, week, or month.

الميزة الجديدةNew feature

Found Wong on a series of code, which includes the words “slideout_menu_time_spent” and “usage statistics”, which indicates that the tool is still under work and published what I found via her account official on Twitter.

According to “saccharin-shot” published by “Wong”, users will be able to access usage statistics by clicking on the MENU button in the profile page of their profile.

Lead to do so to open a window sliding on the screen to provide users with options to check their archive, saved pictures, find new users to follow them, and the bottom button “Use statistics”.

Refused to Instagram to comment on the presence of the symbol, but said he may have more information soon.

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