Soon lets you have the YouTube app choose video quality default on Android

In addition, regular and hard, it is possible to call the YouTube application on the Android platform soon the possibility to choose the default quality.

قريبًا قد يُتيح لك تطبيق يوتيوب اختيار جودة الفيديو الافتراضية على أندرويدSoon lets you have the YouTube app choose video quality default on Android

Annoying us as users that we always have to change the quality settings to watch in YouTube, so to get the right shot, high accuracy, and the same applies to the service in the mobile phones, where often the video resolution of the default at 480p, but now there is good news, where could the app lets you soon to set up for the be the default.

This is revealed by the developers of XDA recently, where they discovered the code in the latest version of YouTube application on Android platform, lets this symbol of preparation quality by default, allows the user to choose between the bitrate “high” and “low” and “automatic”, nor the app identifies the degree of accuracy that you will use video clips, but it’s supposed to indicate the setting “high” to the high precision or higher.

It is reported that recently, YouTube has set the video quality defaults to 480p for all users around the world, this was a step to reduce data usage on congested networks due to the stone household imposed by the epidemic of Corona on Friday, despite the fact that YouTube still lets you play videos at a higher resolution, only that it must change the quality of each video manually.

Finally, given that the feature has not been enabled yet, it is likely to wait for the police calm the general situation in the world before launching them to everyone, as it is expected to continue restrictions the video quality is current for 30 days.


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