Soon the app will allow you to Google Foy transfer calls to other people

In the update of the perpetrator as a step forward, will Google application voila “Google Voice” on the call forwarding feature.

قريبًا سيتيح لك تطبيق جوجل فويس تحويل المكالمات إلى أشخاص آخرينSoon the app will allow you to Google Foy transfer calls to other people

I’ve always been the application of Google voila one of more of the company’s products benefit at the same time the most confusing, since that has become part of services of the G Suite in 2018, the service began to receive more support, for example, received support for the dark and navigate through VoIP last year and more, now would be to investigate the ability to transfer calls to other numbers.

According to Page support for the service, users will be able to convert outgoing and incoming calls to another number, where as soon as you contact the Office of the court, a button will appear to convert new connectivity options, allowing choose from your existing contacts or enter new numbers.

It should be noted, that during the procedure the new, will lead to the suspension of the call, but it does not emphasize the same warning to people via the computer or the iOS app, finally you should be of this addendum the ability to be useful to many people, although the water is not yet published, Google has confirmed it will be released soon.


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