Soon the application Kindle will feature split-screen on Android

قريبًا تطبيق Kindle سيدعم ميزة تقسيم الشاشة على أندرويد

Application Kindle one of the great apps, and occupation to prevent uses his smart phone or his computer tablet to read books, articles, or let’s say reading in general, from his side through the next few days will become a better app right now, where the sign of the developer and to the IT Amazon about having a new update will be released for Android users gradually.

And some new additions, most notably the split screen feature, where it is known to everybody that this feature first appeared in Android version we direct the 7.0, so it is too late to evoke this feature now, but come late better than not to come at all.

Add another for the update a notification centre, a new which will be used as a quick way to get to the new releases, receive alerts, read statistics, and more”, finally is now rolling out an update Kindle on store Google Play, to be up all through the stage for the next few.

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