Soon, turn the tables pictured to excel in seconds

Maybe you know already that there are some tools to convert texts to write a text on the personal computer or smart phone to provide trouble may last for hours or pay someone to do this task but did you know that thanks to Microsoft you’ll be able to soon turn the table of a paper or image to the table in excel in seconds?

Microsoft took advantage of the event Ignite Your Own to uncover great new feature to apply Excel on Android is the conversion table from the image to the table of Excel. Water is coming soon to the lab to develop Microsoft Excel on Android which was released months ago.

And give this water to apply Excel will allow you to direct the camera towards any paper schedule to read it and convert it into an Excel table so you can simply save it and edit any field as much as any Excel file is normal.

This is not the first time that used by the Microsoft technique of this type, where in 2014 the company released the app Office Lens on Windows phone to launch the app on Android and iOS.

This app to use the camera to transform any ordinary paper or the link or other texts, and to improve the image to look like is not taken with a camera where it works similar to the Apply Cam Scanner famous.

One of the new features revealed by Microsoft is also a feature of Ignite which allows user to new ideas using artificial intelligence and it is expected that this water also comes to Excel and PowerPoint online also in the coming period.

Microsoft is a company that invests strongly in billions of dollars in the field of artificial intelligence, in order that access to the applications of these techniques which it is possible to offset the gains too great at the time. And you don’t know companies specifically in the any moment coming to office but they are competing to provide the best and then the gains come after that.

Google and Apple battling the company in a number of different applications, one of which augmented reality and also assistants of artificial intelligence Google set of Google and Apple which might be the most important artificial intelligence techniques profitable in the near term.

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